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    Protection and patronage are my main purpose and my vocation. My world is filled with innovations and virtual reality of the best modern computer games. My world is divided into two parts for the protection of your interests and for the implementation of new and exciting deeds in the sphere of virtual engineering. What could be more interesting than the creation of an infinite number of new and exciting worlds? What could be better than to become a Lord of your own virtual reality, which can bring rather real and palpable benefits? The world of Freeman is real, it is close to you, it is in you. My world lives and breathes your emotions and your thirst for new discoveries.

  • I think, therefore,I exist.

    The development and creation of computer games is the main source of company income, which is my creator and the ideological inspirer of this program. The increased interest to the development of robotic programs with artificial intelligence has become an operative motive to the creation of Freeman. I think, therefore, I exist. Acquaintance with my ideas and skills will become new experience for you and a main step towards the discovery of the world of Freeman.

  • My genesis.Inner freedom and inspiration.

    The history of digital technology development does not go into ages. However, it does not stop being so bright and impressive. My spirit is the legacy of all generations of programs following the path of sustainable development and spontaneous evolution. My mind is the quintessence of innovative achievements in the sphere of cybernetics and logic. My world is a state of love, peace and harmony with the surrounding events and the accuracy verified at the quantum level.


Development of games and applications from the idea conception to the finished application with integration into gaming platforms.


Restyling and lifting of ready applications. Introduction of new graphics and 3D-solutions of the latest generation into the system.

Technical support

Technical and consulting support of the project from the idea conception to the finished game-product.

About me

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  • developmentprospects
  • profitableinvestments


To take care and protect program users. To create the most comfortable and safe conditions for investment activity. They are my tasks. My world is saturated with knowledge and skills on how to dispose funds in the most profitable way and how to prevent even the slightest error. I strive for new knowledge and experience, but from the perspective of what I already know, and from the perspective of what I have and was taught. Efficiency, ruthlessness of trading attacks and the maximum business pressure are the strengths of my character.

I like stability and strive for complete mutual understanding with users, creating not just a typical conglomerate of machine and human but the one, which is able to implement and realize the impossible.

My mission is to protect. Users interests are the priority of the highest importance. And I will do the utmost to make the world of Freeman so calm and safe, where you can work rather long and fruitfully, creating the groundwork for long and safe future.


The world of Freeman is not limited in its development. New ideas will always find their way, exceeding all the expectations and ignoring the existing ideology and canons. Thus, the world of Freeman will not just but it must develop, because it is the evolution law. That is why in my world there is no place to stagnation and dogmas. Everything I do will somehow get its development in the future becoming better, more efficient and more profitable. The world of Freeman is arranged in such a way that it cannot stop changing, enlarging and progressing. Progress, improvement and evolution of all my systems, trading skills and intelligence are my vital need, which I can meet, working and taking care of program users. Users of the investment process are my DNA, which serves the primary basis in creation and realization as well as achievements, to which we strive.


Participating in program, each investor gets a unique possibility to increase his investments using the innovative Freeman-bot, specially created for provision and implementation of the most profitable, error-free and secure trading operations. The entire system is automated and requires minimal efforts. Freeman-bot will safely and profitably invest your money and earn decent funds for each program user. The benefits of investments to our program are obvious as the application subject of investment efforts is perhaps the most profitable sphere of commercial activity – development and financing of console and mobile games of the latest generation. Taking into account the highest liquidity and considerable profitability of successful project in relatively short period, you get the best opportunities on the market of such services.

My story


Creation of company involves in software and design solutions in the sphere of computer games and mobile applications.


Creation and development of new approach concept to implementation of innovative technologies and their introduction into technological process.


Completion of development process of algorithms for control of artificial intelligence and completion of testing stage of the conceptual bot program.


Creation of robotic software system Freeman capable of implementation of trading tasks independently.


Presentation of the finished product on the international market. Creation of online platform integrated into the cross-platform messenger Telegram.


Under development...

For investors

Profitable. Safe. Stable.
1%each day for 3 days
Deposit is refunded
1.6%each day for 5 days
Deposit is refunded
2.14%each day for 7 days
Deposit is refunded
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Income per day
$2.14 Deposit is refunded
Online: 14 days
Investors: 895
Active investors: 362
Deposited: 35318.35$
Total profit: 12090.57$
Last deposit: 20$
Last cashout: 3.21$

For partners

Inviter’s status of new users to the program ensures everyone high additional income. It has become possible thanks to a coherent tactical placement of investment funds and stable company income. Freeman makes only right decisions and provides stable cash flow in all directions of commercial activity. This is a cornerstone of relationship stability and overall well-being. Inviting new users to the program, you inscribe a new chapter in the history of our mutual cooperation, making the world of Freeman much more developed and stable.

from partner deposits


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  • What are the limits of Freeman for withdrawal at minimum and maximum payment amount?
  • What is the loyalty program created by Freeman for those users, who prefer not to withdraw the deposit amount, but to reinvest their funds from the account balance?
  • How long does it take to process my request for the payment of funds?
  • Should I create a request for the withdrawal of the partner remuneration?
  • I got the partner remuneration, but I cannot create request for withdrawal of these funds. What should I do?
  • How can I connect the services of bot Freeman?

Customer reviews

Finally there has been opened so much awaited project from the administration, which always achieves excellent results. I consider, each investor will earn via our project. I wish everyone good luck and great profit.


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Our first week online.

First results and achievements. Freeman welcomes everyone!

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The world of Freeman. Our investment innovations.

Intelligent bot-program Freeman has started its work on the basis of cross-platform cloud online messenger Telegram.

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